The soft soothing scent of lavender in the warm summer air can instantly transport you to the rolling purple hills in the south of France. One doesn’t need to travel all the way to Provence to be transported to an oasis of beauty and calm. Relax in your terrace surrounded by serenity and comfort.

The ALURA collection is made to withstand the elements while providing luxury and gorgeous design to your backyard. A testament to its minimalist yet accessible design, the ALURA line is one of the largest and best selling of Royal Botania. A classic style with frames made of lightweight coated aluminium white, sand and anthracite, the durable and weather resistant seats are offered in white, pearl grey and black.

Add a touch of purple with a pillow or two. Sink into the lounge chair, and with a simple push, hidden hydraulic pistons will raise the footrests and lower the backrest effortlessly.

Close your eyes under the shade provided by the OAZZ umbrella. This minimalist structure proves automatic handling at an economical price, while maintaining a distinctive and attractive style.

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Completing your patio to perfection are the SAMBA chairs, which just like the ALURA, are easy to wash, comfortable and stylish. Pop a bottle of French champagne and toast to impeccable taste and the classics that never go out of style. Stackable, lightweight and weather resistant, SAMBA chairs are available in black or bronze aluminium with a woven olefin seat and back.

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