Clean, curved lines evocative of the flow of water. Finely crafted and luxurious pieces accented in natural, rustic textures.. Thick, rich materials in lush browns, soft greens and soothing whites.

You’re invited to sit back and relax in an oasis of your choosing. With a palette of natural fabrics and muted tones, Royal Botania’s outdoor furniture collection inspires and rejuvenates.

The ORGANIX lounge collection is created to amplify and compliment a natural setting or provide an urban getaway within your own backyard.

Fully customisable with various layout possibilities with backrest cushions in three curved shapes, this lounge set can be arranged and displayed as gorgeous statement pieces or flow seamlessly with your design aesthetic. Choices extend to multiple textures and colours with fabrics and ceramic top choices to help create your personalized outdoor space.

Materials used in this inspiration:

Allow warm sunlight to power your Ropy, a backyard solar-charged light source. Available as a portable handheld model or as a dual purposed table, it provides access to sustainable energy from the comfort of your terrace or patio.

Providing light well past sunset, your backyard can be enjoyed with efficient, natural energy. Wrapped in black, olive (green) or taupe (desert) polyolefin rope, the Ropy stores energy in its batteries which are also rechargeable via USB cable, flawlessly combining technology with purposeful design.

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