Convivial Concrete

A contemporary setting of soft-toned concrete sets off all the objects within it. Thick, solid walls contrast with the shapes of the surrounding nature, while the colour blends in perfectly. Hit by warm sunlight, the walls accumulate the energy to give a warm glow till long after sunset. These are just a few reasons why we love to photograph our furniture against a concrete backdrop.

Organic shapes

Most organic shapes are either curved or round and to honour Nature’s shunning of straight lines, we’ve crafted our all new Organix lounge collection.

Inspired by nature itself, the Organix collection is stunning, whether blended into a natural setting or in contrast with minimalistic architecture.

Round table dining

By making it easy for everyone to see and hear one another, a round table will bring in cosiness and encourage conversation. Round tables eliminate wasted corner space, making them ideal for use with even and uneven guests. A round table is always a good idea.

Materials used in this inspiration:

Mix & match with every lounge set

While there are many poufs for indoor and outdoor use, none are as clever as Tono.

The rigid structure made of moulded plastic can be upholstered with any fabric from the extensive Royal Botania textile collection. That also applies to the seating cushion. The two choices combined offer thousands of colour and texture options to compliment the rest of the outdoor decor.

Tono’s practical design and variable style make it the most versatile of all poufs on the market! Available in two sizes.