Luxury Loungesets

Luxury loungesets

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Luxury loungesets

Luxury Loungesets and high-end outdoor furniture. Royal Botania is the place to be for those outdoor moments of relaxation and joy. Whether you want to have a private moment of rest or a cosy get-together with friends or family, you’ll find that Royal Botania design loungesets offer everything you dream of so you can spend these moments in comfort and style.


Rest. Relax. If you enjoy quiet time outdoors, whether you like a sleek, minimalistic design or a playful  curvy style, you’ll love our vast offer of luxury loungesets:

The Organix Lounge collection was inspired by nature itself. Most organic shapes are either curved or round and to honour Nature’s shunning of straight lines, we’ve crafted our all new Organix lounge collection. Whether blended into a natural setting or in contrast with minimalistic architecture, it always looks stunning.


We knew from the start that the Zenhit collection would be a hit among people who cherish their zen moments outdoor. It’s a perfect combination of warm natural materials and a sleek design.

Zenhit design outdoor furniture instantly became one of the flagship collections in the Royal Botania range. The large teak sections make every piece stand out. The luxury loungesets combine different lounge elements and enable a staggering variety of combinations, with Individual chairs, corner pieces and two-seat and three-seat units. There are also left and right-handed daybeds. These can be combined into the lounge set or stand on their own.

Our fabric collection with its large choice of colours and textures, allow you to give the cushion lay-out your personal touch, so as to make your Zenhit lounge the pinnacle of luxury and style.

You like it sleek and minimalistic?

The Ninix Lounge Collection will be just your cup of tea. It may sound as a contradiction, but Ninix means both minimal and maximal. Ninix combines the best of both.

The maximum is being offered with regards to material selection, optimized ergonomics, and refinement in quality and design. The minimum relates to the simple, sleek lines of the design.

Ninix is probably the most iconic collection in the Royal Botania range. The collection has grown over the years and is a true statement piece for every terrace.

But hey, there’s a lot more choice in our staggering collection of high-end design loungesets

Last but not least, we guarantee quality and sustainability:

  • Having our own production facility, we have gained full control over quality of our products from A to Z and the sustainable working conditions of our working staff.
  • With our own teak wood plantation, we ensure the sustainability of all our luxury outdoor furniture. We consider it our obligation to give more to the planet than we consume.

So when you sit down and relax on one of our luxury loungesets, you’ll know that you have contributed to a sustainable world. So go on, put your feet up, lean back and enjoy, you deserve it!