Outdoor bollard lights

Your guests have arrived. Letting themselves in through the back gate, they stroll along the warmly illuminated path before them, ready for an evening full of laughter, memorable stories, and the feeling of decadence inherent to time spent with loved ones and fresh faces. Royal Botania bollards are more than mere accents. Each one is a stunning piece of art, fashioned from premium materials such as warm teak, brass, chrome, and powder-coated aluminium – allowing you to showcase your exclusive garden with marvellous outdoor lighting and conjure an ambience that exudes luxury.

Design Outdoor Bollard Lights

Design outdoor bollard lights help you to create that glamorous outdoor space, with warmth and depth, in the exact style you like so much, to spend those special moments with family and friends. Not only under the glorious sun, but also, and especially, when the sun sets and the night begins.

Transform your terrace into a glamorous space, suffused with warmth and the grandeur reserved for the most exclusive gardens. Add ambient light to your outdoor seating areas by installing design outdoor bollard lights close to your favorite seating areas, creating an atmosphere of cosiness, warmth and security, or next to practical spots like a path to light it out. It will make for an even more relaxing atmosphere and a safe place to step.

Over a period of almost 30 years, Royal Botania has earned an acclaimed reputation for creating a refined, diverse choice of luxury outdoor lighting collections, making this Belgian family business a prime player in the top league of the outdoor market.

Why do discerning people choose Royal Botania?

There are 3 main reasons: quality, harmony and design. With the range of Royal Botania’s design exterior lighting options, you can make your statement with an aesthetic that speaks for you.

Our in-house design team, led by our founder Kris Van Puyvelde, has earned international appreciation and won multiple design awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

Additionally, we engage the talents of carefully selected external designers, to broaden our horizon.

All this creativity has resulted in a wide range of charismatic products, known as the Royal Botania collection. Do take a look at our fine collection of design outdoor bollard lights.

Our inspiring journey over the years has allowed us to channel our creativity and strive for excellence.

Design outdoor lighting from Royal Botania is all about these moments of tranquility, connection and pleasure, things that really matter in life. Enjoying the good life outdoors together with friends and family – that is what our high-quality outdoor furniture and lighting stands for.

Explore our vast choice of design external bollard lights on our website: a selection offering beautiful choice of materials and colours. Shop to find the high-end look you want, in the high-end quality you desire.

By creating a sustainable business model based upon regenerative forest growth, Royal Botania is able to produce finely crafted outdoor furniture with reduced environmental impact. That is why our dedicated team constantly monitors the full traceability of each piece of wood used in our production, ensuring a sustainable business practice.

We consider it our obligation to give more to the planet than we consume and to create sustainable working conditions for all people involved in the production process of our premium outdoor products.