Counter height dining is on the up.

This comes as no surprise to interior junkies. And interior designers have also been employing this trend in their work for a long time. It makes sense too because a higher table lends a space a spontaneous dynamic. Even restaurants are increasingly focusing on counter height dining. They are opting for this arrangement because it encourages conversation and gives a space spontaneity. The ideal conditions for a successful dinner.

Counter height dining reminds us of walking dinners at high-level events. With this kind of design, your table is at a height of 92 cm. A trend that gives your garden, or your interior design a touch of exclusive class. Curious to know how it works?

The ideal setting, from arrival to chatting

When your guests arrive, the counter height table is ideal for welcoming each other. This is where your evening begins. Your guests stand in a friendly group at – or near – the table. The ideal setting for starting the evening.

The aperitifs are distributed in a relaxed atmosphere. With no compulsion. And plenty of opportunity.

When you serve the food, everyone sits down at the table. The counter height table is slightly higher than a normal dining table but cannot be mistaken for an aperitif table. Subconsciously, this fosters an atmosphere that invites good conversation. Memories that will be cherished forever are made together here.

During dinner, you have a choice. Are you comfortable remaining seated? Or do you want to change position by standing up? If you go for the second option, this will look quite natural around the counter height table. You don’t need to end the conversation and just continue standing next to the table.

Create moments to remember in the perfect setting

The atmosphere of a counter-height dinner is cosy and inviting. A world away from dinner at a traditional table.

But a counter-height table provides the opportunity for more than just dinner. It is also perfect for other occasions, such as:

This trend lends your outdoor space a vibrant new atmosphere. Ideal for those who enjoy life, and those who would like to reflect on moments that really matter.

This vision of life dovetails seamlessly with the aspirations of Royal Botania with its collections. The creation of moments to remember in the ideal environment. Take a look at all our counter height tables and get the most out of dining with your friends and family.

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